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Welcome to the Moon Valley High School Yearbook Web Site!

The last reunion was loads of fun. The pictures are available here.

The memorial video is available on You Tube.

Moon Valley from the air
This is a digitized yearbook for Moon Valley High School - in Phoenix, Arizona.
I scanned in every page in the 4 books I have.
I took out as much of the personal notes and signatures as I could. There are a couple of damaged pages here and there where I removed an unrecoverable picture. But for the most part they are in their orignal condition.

I did this is because I figure there are a couple of you out there who either lost, damaged, threw away or perhaps did not buy these books 25 years ago.

The music playing is a loop of a song I wrote specifically for the 30 year reunion called 'Just a Shadow'

If you dont want to download all 900 pages in the yearbooks and would rather have a CD send me an email and I will send you one when I can

Doug - 05/10/2016